Qi Wireless Receiver charger Module for iPhone 7+ 7 6 Plus,6, 6S, 5, 5S & 5C IOS

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This product is just is a Receiver,must use with a QI charging pad.

How to use:

1, Pls connect the charging receiver to your smartphone correctly as shown on photo attached shows.

2, The qi charging receiver’s sensing area should be above the charging pad’s sensing area. As shown on the lcd image.
If the sensing area hasn’t been corresponding well, it will be disconnected.

3, Suggest use a good charger plug adapter whose current must above 800mAh , to connect the USB cable or just plug the USB cable to a computer to gain a stable current.

Compatible with:

For iphone 7, 7+ 6 , 6 plus ,5 5s 5c

Questions And Answers:

Q: Which Phones can use this product ?

A, This product is suitable for iOS. All the systems of iOS currently on the market can be used.

Q:How do you place this product ? Which side is toward the phone? Which side is facing the transmitter?

A: Signal transmitter Placed towards the phone.

Q:Why sometimes the phone displays”This cable or accessory that is not certified and may work well with this Phone”?

A: Because it is mass production, some cable contacts may be crooked. Under normal circumstances, you can pull out of this product, then plug into it.


1. Ultra thin and light weight design, no need change your phone cover
2. Turn on your for Iphone 6 6 plus 5 5s wireless charging function
3. Will not interfere with other functions on your phone

4. Built-in NFC(near field communication) technology

5. Receiver weight approx: 7~10g
6. Input: Self-adaptation
7. Output: 500~800mAh


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